Eyes Just For You

Our app users can be your patients. They tune in regularly to see what is in their air. That's where they can see your smiling face.

Turn-key App

We make it easy for you to get a presence in the Pollen Wise app. A few consults and ta-da!

Easy Tracking

The data will speak to you. Subjective reports from your patients and area prospects can be revealing.

What Makes Us Special? (Part 1)

A network of ground-truth sensors reveal patterns in allergen levels that ordinary pollen counts from old technology simply cannot. New hardware and artificial intelligence give you a competitive advantage.

What Makes Us Special (Part 2)

You need all the help you can get as you work to tackle tough seasonal allergies. Here are some tools:

• DATA: What pollen is peaking? Is mold a problem?
• INISIGHTS: How do you feel when Sagebrush is active?
• EDUCATION: What kind of meds help with allergies?
• MEDICINE: Connect with a medical professional

Exposure (The Good Kind)


Prominent Attribution
Your name and logo will be prominently placed at the top of the Pollen Wise™ app. Even app users who only login briefly to check conditions will see your name and logo every time they view the app.

Allergist get attribution in header


Medical Awareness Videos
Your name and logo will be prominently placed in the content that you generate for your area. Use articles and videos you’ve already produced or collaborate with us to produce new content*.
Allergen video content in Pollen Wise


Area Content
See your name and logo placed in content that we generate for your area. This includes: videos, maps, articles, quizzes, and more. Let's work together to make engaging your customers...well, engaging!

Content in Pollen Wise for Asthmatics and allergy sufferers

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