Pollen Sense API provides access to data from hardware sensors that report in real-time

Believe in the Power of Great Air Quality Data

Enhance your projects, research and business with hyperlocal, timely, ground-truth pollen, dust and mold reporting.

  • Our Reporting Interval
  • Traditional Reporting Interval
    Over 24 Hours

Ask our API: Geography

The Pollen Sense API can reveal data for different geographic granularities.

  • Point requests reveal levels at a given location.
  • Region requests give maps for broader areas.

Ask our API: Levels can give you an edge.

Pollen, mold and dust counts? Our API delivers more than any other:

  • Daily averages
  • Highs and lows


Including Species


Spores, Fragments


Inorganics, Silica


Hourly Averages

The Pollen Sense Ecosystem

Indoor & Outdoor Air

Sensors for Indoor Air

Social Channels

The Pollen Channel is a resource for those who suffer from seasonal allergies and asthma.

Cloud Computing

Air samples are analyzed for pollen, mold and dust particles in the cloud

Mobile App & Web Widgets

Pollen Wise Mobile App reports real-time pollen counts

API Access to real data

Pollen, Mold, Dust data in convenient API

Particle Sensors

Automated particle sensor detects pollen, mold and dust in real-time