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Fact: Indoor air is often to blame for allergies.
Fact: For the first time, you can get real-time information about pollen and mold. No lab fees, no waiting.

Sensor rentals provide you with real-time pollen and mold counts that you can act on.

Step 1: Rent a sensor or hire an agency that uses our real-time sensing technology.

The sensor is easy to use, and only requires a connection to household power and internet.

Step 2: Sample the air, get results.

Why would you wait for lab results when you don't have to? Use an app on your mobile device to get results within minutes of sampling the air in any given room. Test the entire dwelling if needed.


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Real-Time Particle Data For Effective Mitigation

Pollen Sense LLC is all about providing property owners and mold mitigation experts with information that they can act on to protect homes and business buildings. Our real-time analytics empower disaster recovery technicians with knowledge around airborne mold and pollen so they can apply most effective remedy. Air quality insights are just an app-click away.

What can concerned property owners do first?

Contact us! We can answer questions about the ways automated particle sensing can help inform those who are invested in mold mitigation and airborne allergens. You can benefit from understanding more about the latest advancements in air quality sampling.

Let's discuss the ways our sensors will meet your needs with novel data.

  • Improve air quality analysis with consistent data you can rely on. 
  • No-gap data based on machine learning guided by computer scientists and aerobiologists. 
  • Real-time, hourly data on any particulates: pollen, mold, dust, microplastics, you name it.
  • Better inform mitigation decisions based on the best particulate data around.