APS400 Particulate Sensor

Our next-generation sensor is available for pre-order now and will begin shipping after field trials. The APS400 features a cartridge solution that makes replacing used sampling media with fresh much easier. Mounting solutions are expanded, and a smaller, lighter sensor opens up installation options.

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• A stable WiFi internet connection (5 megabit or faster speed-tested at the site) or ethernet cable
• Household power (110v AC or 220v AC) with a weatherproof extension cord and plugs
• A mount free from vibration
• An area with free-flowing air that is not subject to unique concentrations of particulates (ie, under a pollenating tree)

Automated particle sensors reveal ground-truth data for pollen, mold, and dust in real-time

Our team, hardware, software and network are coordinated to deliver great data to you.

Graph of real-time pollen data


Pollen & Mold Science

Aerobiologists review data feeds and work with software and data scientists to improve algorithms.

Environmental Science

Particle Distribution

Patterns in the location and timing of particulates are finicky. Sensors and statistics help.

Software Architecture

Artificial Intelligence

Sensors upload images to the cloud to be processed for counting and identification.

Hardware Engineering

Versatile Devices

Automated airborne-particle sensors sample the air for dust, mold and pollen continuously.

Sensors work continuously to deliver large data sets.

  • Low maintenance: Free up staff and let the A.I. do the sampling and detection work.
  • Small and convenient: Sensors are the size of a boot box, run on household power and talk to the web.
  • Lease or buy: We're eager to work with HOAs, researchers, industry and medical professionals who need to know what is in their air NOW.

The Pollen Sense Ecosystem

Indoor & Outdoor Air

Sensors for Indoor Air

Social Channels

The Pollen Channel is a resource for those who suffer from seasonal allergies and asthma.

Cloud Computing

Air samples are analyzed for pollen, mold and dust particles in the cloud

Mobile App & Web Widgets

Pollen Wise Mobile App reports real-time pollen counts

API Access to Real Data

Pollen, Mold, Dust data in convenient API

Automated Particle Sensors

Automated particle sensor detects pollen, mold and dust in real-time


Including Species


Spores, Fragments


Inorganics, Silica


Hourly Averages

Ground-Truth, Hyper-Local, Real-Time Data

Microscopes in our sensors create a digital image of actual particles. This process is automated.

  • Our FAST Reporting Interval
    1 hour
  • Their SLOW Manual Reporting Interval
    24+ hours