We empower you to protect your cannabis from mold and pollen.

Our sensor counts and identifies airborne cannabis pollen and problem mold so you can make smarter choices to protect your profits.

Cultivation of high-value cannabis crops requires careful oversight. Airborne contaminants like pollen and mold can reduce the yield value. Pollen Sense automated sampling provides real-time detection of a variety of particles that hemp and marijuana farms are concerned about. We empower you to act sensibly.

Address the problem before it spreads . Real-time, automated particle sensing helps you do that.

Pollen Sense technology can detect and alert growers that they have cannabis pollen and mold spores in their facilities and fields.

Mold spores detected include:
• Aspergillus
• Leveillula/Erysiphe/Oidium/Sphaerotheca (Powdery Mildew)
• Botrytis (Gray Mold)

*Not all of the mold spores can be speciated yet and may have to be identified manually beyond “spore” by Pollen Sense experts.

Cannabis growers lose around $30B a year from pollen problems!

New Options for Commercial Cannabis

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Real-Time Particle Data informs Cannabis Growers

Pollen Sense LLC isn't just about pollen, mold and dust. We're also about providing key players with information that they can act on to protect themselves and their cannabis product before it's too late. Our real-time analytics empower cultivators to know what contaminants their marijuana or hemp plants are exposed to. Air quality insights are just a click away.

What can concerned growers do first?

Contact us! We can answer questions about the ways automated particle sensing can help inform those who are concerned with grow science. Your business will benefit from understanding more about the latest advancements in air quality sampling.

Let's discuss the ways our sensors will provide your farm with novel data.

  • Improve air quality analysis with consistent data you can rely on. 
  • No-gap data based on machine learning guided by computer scientists and aerobiologists. 
  • Real-time, hourly data on any particulates: pollen and mold.
  • Better inform mitigation decisions based off of the best particulate data around.

Interview: Gary Smith, Esq.

Gary Smith, Esquire is a leader in the state of Arizona when it comes to the legalities around cannabis cultivation. In this interview, he discusses "new atmospheric pollen sensing technologies and the costly threats that fugitive pollen and other contaminants pose to the cannabis industry" with Landon Bunderson, PhD and Kevn Lambson (two of the four original founders at Pollen Sense LLC).

Find links to parts 1 and 2 of the interview at Psychedelicalex.com